Pamper Parlour


Muddy paws and tangled tresses are cleaned and combed out in our gorgeous pamper parlour. In fact, natural shampoos, modern canine cuts and even massages are mostly what you’ll find in this part of The Conifers.

Our experienced groomer and reiki therapist comes in several times a week so make sure your dog manages to get his paws on her – there’s always a waiting list.


Our pamper menu includes:

  • Puppy Groom
  • Pawdicure: Nail Clipping, hair trimming between moisturised paws
  • Wash and Blow Dry
  • Mini Grooms – for those in between times
  • Dry Brush
  • Full body brush with moisturising coat spritz
  • De-shedding, full brush out, high powered blow dry and optional massage bath.
  • Cucumber Facial
  • Facial Fold Cleaning
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Full Grooms
  • The Ultimate Pamper Day – please ask for details

Treatments and Spa Packages

All our prices include Vat @20%

Bath, Brush & Spritz

sml £24 (up to Cocker Spaniel) med £30 (up to Springer Spaniel size) lge £42 (up to Visla size)

Perfect for in-between grooms, to keep your dog / puppy looking and smelling their best. We use 100% quality products.


Puppy Groom – from £35

This dedicated puppy groom is suitable for puppies from three to six months old. The groom includes a gentle introduction to water. a brush through of the coat, gentle blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy if needed and nail clip. All products used are 100% natural and gentle on the skin.



Includes a pre-groom, bath, brush, blow dry, full body styling, eyes and ears cleaned and nail clip

Prices vary depending on size of dog and coat condition. Please contact us for a quotation – early booking advised.

Smooth Haired Breeds – from £45
Long Haired Breeds – from £60



Why not upgrade your dog’s groom or bath by adding one of our spa treatments or extras menu below

Natural Paw & Nose Balm – £10

A 100% Natural paw balm to moisturise and minimise cracks on paw pads and nose.

De-matting – from £10 extra

Matting can range from a simple few knots behind the ears to a full matted coat. Talk to our Groomer for a bespoke price for your pooch.

Cucumber Facial – from £10 extra

Clipping off – from £15 extra

Sometimes matting can be so bad that there is a danger it is hurting the dog or making the skin sore.
In these circumstances it is sometimes best to do a full clip and let the new fur grow through. Please talk to our groomer for advice.

Handstripping – from £20 extra

Some breeds need to be hand stripped every 6 months. All coats are different, therefore p[lease speak to our groomer.

Toy/Small/Medium Breeds- from £20 extra
Large/Giant Breeds – from £30 extra

Prices are in addition to your Full Groom charge.

Ultimate Pamper Day

Why not treat your dog to a Spa Day Experience at The Conifers?

Our day package is individually tailored for your pooch to experience the most effective and luxurious of treatments to ensure their body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated and ready for their next adventure.

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